Priya Nihari Mutton / Chicken Masala


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Nihari Mutton / Chicken Masala

The famous street food of Hyderabad, Lucknow and Delhi is Nihari, a very scrumptious mutton/chicken recipe with a completely different flavor. Priya’s Nihari Mutton/Chicken Masala is a pack of diverse spices, grounded into powder to give us the perfect traditional Nihari flavor.


  • Iodized Salt,
  • Red Chillies,
  • Coriander,
  • Fennel,
  • Cumin,
  • Clove,
  • Ginger,
  • Vamu,
  • Large Cardamom,
  • Cardamom,
  • Turmeric,
  • Black salt,
  • Anistar,
  • Mace and Nutmeg.


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